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My Approach to Therapy

I view the therapeutic journey as a joint process.

Through compassion and curiosity I provide a safe environment for individuals and couples to explore the factors contributing to their dissatisfaction and gain the insight, awareness, and tools needed to work through it.

We utilize the first few sessions as an assessment process to paint a picture of what is going on.


What is contributing to your dissatisfaction?

Do you keep having the same arguments over and over again?

Do you feel confused about where your relationship stands and how you got here?

Do you want to feel closer to your partner, better understood?

Do you desire more passion and intimacy?

Do you struggle with vulnerability?

Do you want to better understand yourself?


We continue by exploring further, gaining a deeper understanding of what is happening and why, and learning the skills and tools needed to create and sustain meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

My approach is a blend of understanding your past while learning practical ways to improve your present and future. I take an active role in therapy and will be by your side through the uncomfortable and sometimes painful moments. I will use my experience and expertise to support you in your journey towards healing.

​My goal is to help guide you

towards transforming conflict and challenge

into opportunities for growth and connection. 

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