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Navigating Relational Challenges

As humans we are relational beings; we are hardwired for connection. We desire meaningful and satisfying relationships but don’t always know how to achieve that.


Are you someone who struggles with vulnerability?

Do you find yourself experiencing the same patterns in your relationships but are unsure what to make of them?

Would you like to be more assertive in getting your needs met but are uncertain how to do so?

Do you notice yourself engaging in anxious or avoidant behaviors when experiencing conflict in your relationships?

If you are experiencing any of the above or simply want to better understand yourself and overall improve your relationships then this is the therapy for you.

This is individual therapy specifically for relational challenges. We will utilize sessions to better understand how you attach, connect and show up in your relationships. We will increase insight and awareness around relationship needs and triggers to assist in learning the tools needed to navigate your relationships in a healthy, satisfying way. We will explore the challenges you may be experiencing around intimacy and vulnerability.

Relational-focused therapy is great for an individual who wants to improve their relationship but has a partner that may be ambivalent to join. It is also a wonderful space for individuals who are not currently in an intimate relationship but would like to learn helpful tools and skills that can be used at a later time. Additionally, this type of therapy is highly beneficial for learning and growing in other relationships such as with family members and friends.

If you are struggling relationally and want support,

please reach out!

I would love to chat with you and see

how I can help you, help yourself.

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